What do we want to achieve with HMO Awards?

The HMO Awards aims to bring people across the HMO property supply chain who are helping to shape the current and future shared living landscape across the UK, together to network, learn, celebrate and grow.

Amazing things can happen when the right people come together. HMOs are on the rise more than ever. We should learn from each other and grow together as a sector serving millions of people.

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What to expect

Celebrate receiving an HMO Award


HMOs are not only about the best deals and mainstream agencies. A lot of stakeholders are involved in making an HMO successful. It’s time we give more people their due credit.

Gather with your tribe (old and new) with a relaxed festival vibe with drinks, street food, outdoor bars, and live music.


Join and learn from some of the 8 x TED style talk sessions delivered by those who walk the talk in HMO sector.

Learn from experienced speakers and mentors


Join and learn from some of the 8 x TED style talk sessions delivered by those who walk the talk in HMO sector.

Grow your network


Meet and mingle with like-minded landlords, investors, property managers, industry influencers, mentors and suppliers throughout the day.

HMO Awards in Numbers

delegates nationwide
digital reach
hours of core learning

This isn’t a “black tie in a hotel” dinner, but a relaxing vibe where you can meet like-minded people in a beautiful location.

It’s important to us that you are comfortable in what you wear to the event, just be mindful that this is a day and night event and there will be lots of cameras.

There is a 3 minute outdoor walk across to the awards, and to take advantage of the outdoor space (if you want to), you may wish to bring a coat and suitable footwear.


Add your profile to the delegate directory when you buy your ticket to start networking before the event

Exhibition and networking
Grab bag with a simple lunch included

Quick fire inspirational TED-style talks and plenty of networking

Theatre style instead of round tables

Celebratory drink, live band, street food main meal, soft drinks and desserts included



Learn from people who have perfected one specific area, with 15 minute talks with very clear take-aways you can use to improve your business.

HMO Management

in the Piano Room

Caroline Pattinson, 2PM
How to win tenants and Influence culture

Caroline has become well-known for her uncommon, but effective approach to the initial touch-points with prospective tenants. Join Caroline as she shares her secrets on how you can build a waiting-list too.

Jordi Pasqualin, 2.30PM
Scaling From 120 to 1,200 Rooms: What I Wish I Knew

When his professional rugby career ended, Jordi Pasqualin turned to property. Over the next few years he built up a Rent to Rent portfolio of over 1,2000 rooms. Join him in the Piano Room as he shares what he learned along the way.

Lee Dumbarton, 3PM
Customer Experience: What an Opportunity

We all know that tenants are expecting more in their shared houses now. Join Lee in the Piano Room as he tells us why that actually gives you a great opportunity to stand out.

Grant Amos, 3.30PM
How to Effectively Build and Manage Your Support Team… From Anywhere

To truly scale your operations you need the right team and processes in place. This should be possible from anywhere if you want to work on the business, and not in it. Grant shares his tips on how he manages properties across multiple cities.

Neil Walton, 4PM
The Secret Ingredients to Good Tenants

Renowned HMO manager Neil Walton tells the secrets of how to get the best HMO tenants for a more sustainable and hassle-free approach.

Julie Hogbin, 4.30PM
How to Consciously Manage Conflict

It can be easy to dismiss conflict by burying your head or saying “they’re all adults”, but it’s your business and other customers it can affect. Julie will share tips on how to manage conflict to not only save yourself time in the long run, but keep your customers for longer.

HMO Development

in the Temple Room

Wendy Whittaker-Large 2PM
How to Protect Yourself from the Council Tax Re-Banding

The council tax rebanding issue has become one of the largest risks facing HMO investors, and Wendy, founding member of the HMO Council Tax Reform Group, is right at the front of it. Join Wendy as she shares crucial her tips on how to protect yourself.

Matt Baker, 2.30PM
Branding: The Art of Standing Out

Best-selling author and Co-living investor Matt Baker shares the reasons he thinks branding is the key to standing out ahead of your competition and attracting investment.

Richard Nicholls, 3PM
You Will Sell One Day, So Exit On Your Terms

“Believe it or not, everybody has to sell at some point”. Richard Nicholls, founder of The Property Advantage, shares his tips on how to ensure that as you begin to exit your portfolio, you get no nasty shocks, and instead leave happy.

Andy Graham, 3.30PM
0-10 HMOs: What I Learned From The Best In Our Industry And How They Build Successful Portfolios

Through his talks, his podcasts, and his Facebook group, Andy Graham has spoken to leaders around the industry. Join him as he shares what he’s learned, and how it can help you.

Ranjan Bhattacharya, 4PM
The #1 Most Profitable Opportunity 99% of HMO Investors Don’t Know About

Renowned HMO manager Neil Walton tells the secrets of how to get the best HMO tenants for a more sustainable and hassle-free approach.

Stuart Scott, 4.30PM
The Top 3 Design Techniques You Can Use To Maximise Your Profits In A Competitive HMO Market

Its a competitive market out there and landlords need to be equipped with a new toolkit of skills to avoid falling behind. Join Stuart Scott as he shares his top 3 design tips that he learned from over 20 years heading up Innovation teams and how they can help you get the edge!


All awards nominations and applications now open. There is no charge for entries, more than one award entry is accepted. Deadline for entry is 30th June.


Best Commercial to HMO Conversion

This award looks to recognise those who have undertaken a relatively recent project utilising their skill and knowledge with commercial buildings coupled with HMO regulations.

Best HMO Investor

This award looks to recognise those who have made the most prudent investments to add to or create their HMO portfolio.


Best Student HMO Manager

This award looks to recognise leading student accommodation providers and managers that consistently and consciously aim to deliver an exceptional product...

Best Community Experience

This award looks to recognise those who are creating thriving communities and providing a solid customer experience within their HMO portfolio.


Best HMO Content or Media

This award recognises those who help further the collective HMO knowledge by providing great content to help, support, educate, or motivate others.

Best HMO Service Supplier

This Award recognises suppliers promoting excellence by providing services designed to make HMOs better and simpler for managers and housemates.


Lifetime Achievement

Shared living is a rapidly evolving and expanding space, made possible by many people in the past who have pioneered the concept...



Stowe House, Buckingham (use postcode for Stowe School MK18 5EH)

Stowe House sits on a National Trust estate and grounds, and holds 300 years of rich history. It is host to Stowe School which has produced an impressive list of the rich and famous including Richard Branson and Superman (Henry Cavill).

Use postcode MK18 5EH or search for ‘Stowe School’ on Google maps to avoid going to the National Trust park entrance.

A coach service will be provided for transport from the main hotels in Buckingham to the event, and will return guests at the end to help relieve the local taxi firms. Hotel pick-up and drop-off points will be provided soon.


Buckingham is 10 minutes by car/ taxi to Stowe House, but where you’ll find a good range of accommodation from boutique hotels to the national branded hotels. 

Please arrange early check in/ bag drop with the hotel directly. There will be a cloakroom for your luggage at the event venue for your convenience if required.

A coach service will be provided for transport from the main hotels in Buckingham to the event, and will return guests at the end to help relieve the local taxi firms. Hotel pickup and drop-off points will be provided soon.


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