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The Community Experience award looks to recognise those who are creating thriving communities and providing a solid customer experience within their HMO portfolio. Open to agents, owner-managers, and master lease operators, this award rewards those who take steps to create an open and welcome community within the home and, where possible, the wider network.

The Community Experience award lead judge: Leah Ziliak.

Judging Criteria

  • Onboarding:  The move-in experience of a new tenant, including the introduction to existing housemates.
  • Housemate Compatibility:  Any considerations that are taken into account when selecting new housemates to ensure compatibility
  • Communication:  Any methods used to effectively communicate with housemates and receive feedback.
  • Community Facilitation:  Any ongoing processes to encourage a sense of community within the property.  How connections are facilitated across multiple properties, where applicable.
  • Conflict Resolution:  Any processes you have put in place to resolve conflicts and ensure positive housemate experiences.


Basic information required:

  • Applicant Name
  • Company Trading Name
  • Contact Email Address
  • Contact Number
  • Website
  • Social Media Links, if applicable

Company information required:

  • Description of the Portfolio
    • Region, Number of Units, Target Market
    • How long have you been operating?

Award specific information required:

  • What is your ethos around housemate compatibility, and how do you ensure that in the selection of new housemates?
  • Have you had to adapt your compatibility approach during a slow market?
  • What is the experience of a new housemate moving into the property?
    i.e. What does their arrival day look like?  How do they meet existing housemates?  What steps do you take to ensure they feel welcome?
  • Do you facilitate connections between other properties in your portfolio, where applicable?  If so, how?  And, if not, why?
  • Is there anything you do on an ongoing basis to maintain friendly connections within the property or wider portfolio?
  • When conflicts occur between tenants, how do you deal with them? Please provide examples, where possible.
  • Do you facilitate any community events within your space?  If so, what types and how regularly do they occur?  And, if not, do the housemates initiate their own gatherings?
  • Do you feel that there is a strong sense of community within your properties?  Give an example of why you think so.
  • What does your offboarding experience look like?  Is there a process for saying farewell to housemates that are leaving? 
  • How regularly do you communicate with the housemates?  Do you have a process for requesting feedback or checking in?
  • Give an example of something you do to provide a solid customer experience, that goes above and beyond what’s expected of a traditional rental experience?
  • Why do you personally believe it’s important to put care and attention into the community?