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The Creating a Sustainable Future award looks to recognise those who consider all aspects of sustainable development as summarised by the National Planning Policy Framework 2021. This award celebrates those who have created and managed an HMO that positively contributes to the local community and economy whilst protecting and enhancing the environment. The winner of this award is somebody who understands the importance of creating a home rather than a place to live, with a forward-looking view of what housing will have to look like in the face of the challenges that lie ahead.

The Creating a Sustainable Future award lead judge: Mahsa Khaneghah

Judging Criteria

  • Attracting key workers into the locality through the provision of affordable housing choice delivery, supporting the local economy.
  • Creating a beautiful home that encourages tenant well-being through a comfortable and well-designed environment; as well as proximity to open spaces, sustainable transport and accessible services. Contributing positively to the local community by enhancing diversity and fostering neighbourly relationships.
  • Making efficient use of land and resources, minimising waste and pollution, including low-carbon measures and attracting biodiversity to the site. Educating tenants on climate change issues and/or responsible consumption.


Basic information required:

  • Applicant Name
  • Company Trading Name
  • Contact Email Address
  • Contact Number
  • Website

Company information required:

  • Description of the portfolio (region, number of units, target market, and how long you’ve been operating)

Award specific information required:

  • Have you helped your tenants integrate into the local community, and if so please provide details e.g. introducing to neighbours, sharing your number with neighbours on the street in case of issues, signposting local events, etc.
  • Have you made any effort to encourage tenants to support local businesses and neighbours? If so please provide examples, e.g. discounts for local businesses, supporting neighbours with shopping during the pandemic, tenants acting as key workers in the local area, etc.
  • Do you think that landlords have the power to positively improve the health and wellbeing of tenants? If so, why and have you incorporated any measures to support this?
  • Have you encouraged tenants to use sustainable transport methods vs. driving to reduce car dependency? Please provide details.
  • Have you incorporated any measures to make your site more resilient, e.g. flood mitigation or air quality mitigation?
  • Have you encouraged tenants to engage with nature, e.g. vegetable patches, attracting biodiversity (bee bricks, bird feeders, bat boxes), or emphasising nearby outdoor spaces and walk/cycle routes?
  • What are your key motivators to improving the energy efficiency of the property if any?