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The Best Student HMO Manager award looks to recognise leading student accommodation providers and managers that consistently and consciously aim to deliver an exceptional product and shared living experience to student tenants, and is open to landlords, agents, or property managers of student HMOs.

This award will focus on considered engineering of the property management service, and applicants must be able to demonstrate through various measures a proactive and exemplary approach to all areas of property management. 

It will recognise Student HMO Managers that can demonstrate high performance in areas such as, but not limited to, the advertisement and viewing process, tenant sign up, onboarding and moving-in procedures, inventories and inspections, the management of maintenance and moving out procedures.   

An overarching attitude towards improving standards within the student accommodation sector should also be demonstrable, including evidence of implementing innovative or unique methods to please customers, a commitment to training and development, and active involvement with local or national student communities.

The Best Student HMO Manager award lead judge: Andy Graham

Judging Criteria

  • A high degree of aptitude across the broad spectrum of student ‘property management’ that demonstrates a proficiency in delivering an exceptional standard of customer service and living experience. 
  • Demonstration of the use of effective and efficient systems, processes and other tools to deliver exceptional student property management 
  • Adherence and evidence to all areas of necessary compliance and legislation 
  • A robust method to maintaining exceptional standards in both student properties and the property management business 
  • Any methods to differentiate and dramatically improve the student property management experience within the market 
  • A commitment to training and development and evidence of positive


Basic information required:

  • Applicant Name
  • Company Trading Name
  • Contact Email Address
  • Contact Number
  • Website

Company information required:

  • Description of the portfolio (region, number of units, target market, and how long you’ve been operating)
  • Please break down the number of units you self-manage and the number of units you manage for other landlords 
  • Please detail any staff you have in your property management business, and briefly describe their role and how many hours they work per week (this is not essential to the application and entrants without staff are encouraged to apply). 

Award specific information required:

  • Please detail any systems you use on a day to day basis and how these help ensure you deliver an exceptional property management service (property management software, CRM, finance software, website plug-ins, automation tools, etc)
  • What is the experience of a new group of tenants who discover a property of yours available to let, through to making a decision as to whether they want to live in it?
  • Please describe your tenant onboarding experience (collecting tenant information, taking deposits, reference checks, guarantors, generating tenancies, etc).
  • Please outline what you do and how you prepare tenants to move into your properties?
  • Please outline what you do and how you prepare tenants to move out of your properties?
  • How do you manage your properties and tenants throughout the academic year (inspections etc)?
  • How do you deal with difficult tenants who could potentially breach the terms of your tenancy agreement and/or behave in such a way that would be detrimental to the living experience of other housemates. 
  • How do you manage complaints from tenants who feel your service has not met their expectations in some way?
  • How are you different to other student property managers, and what methods have you implemented into your service that would demonstrate a commitment to delivering exceptional customer service and a better student living experience? 
  • How do you ensure you/your team remain compliant and provide the highest possible customer service at all times?
  • Please detail any training and development you have undertaken to help improve your student property management service.
  • Please provide information of any regulatory bodies you are a registered with (property redress scheme, CMP, ARLA, HMRC’s AML, etc). 
  • How do you think the student property management sector can be improved? 
  • Please add any other information you think may be relevant to this application
  • Please provide a link to a folder with evidence of references made to examples detailed in your application above (please ensure this link has open sharing permissions).