The Best Master Lease Operator (“Rent2Rent”) award looks to recognise operators who can demonstrate exceptional standards of professionalism, whilst running a high quality, ethical, compliant and substantial HMO portfolio.

Open to master lease (also known as “rent to rent”) operators who rent the property from the owner, and act as landlord or property manager to the occupying tenants. This award rewards those who provide an exceptional and compliant service.

The Best Master Lease Operator award lead judge: Des Taylor

Judging Criteria

  • HMO management that focuses on a proactive approach to compliance, customer service and communication across the business.
  • Use systems, software and personnel that can run efficiently in the absence of the Managing Director’s presence
  • High-quality standard of professionalism in all areas of your Leased business in the supply chain
  • Provide evidence of the number of properties within your control and the standards within them
  • Demonstrate how your systems ensure that essential inspections and maintenance to comply with regulations are carried out
  • A structure in place that includes your values on training, development and customer service


Basic information required:

  • Applicant Name
  • Company Trading Name
  • Contact Email Address
  • Contact Number
  • Website

Company information required:

  • Description of the portfolio (region, number of units, target market), and how long you’ve been operating
  • What is your role in the company and how many people are employed within it?
  • Provide evidence of lease control

Award specific information required:

  • Why did you choose to focus on being a lease operator, and how do you appraise a potential master lease property?
  • What processes are in place to ensure that all parties in your business are fully aware of, and implement the Licensing laws and compliance regulations?
  • How do you ensure compliance with National Licensing and Management regulations?
  • What is your ethos around tenant compatibility, how do you ensure that in the selection of new tenants and what is your occupation percentage over the last 2 Years?
  • When conflicts occur between tenants or Anti-Social Behaviour, how do you deal with them? Please provide examples, where possible.
  • What software and systems are in place to monitor and process maintenance schedules and tenant Notices?
  • When taking on new properties, how do you maintain the integrity of the building (period properties), provide a high-quality standard and fully meet HHSRS regulations?
  • Anything else you may feel is relevant to this application